Our Purpose & Values

Core Purpose

We don't have a mission statement. We have a simple core purpose infusing every transaction with every customer:

Provide financial solutions that help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams.

Our Core Values

Cash America's five Core Values reinforce our strong beliefs. They apply to us as both coworkers and people, and they’re evident in our interactions with each other and our customers.

We act with a servant's heart. We value the interests of others and strive to meet those needs by contributing to the communities where we work and live.
We bring honor to the team. We take pride in what we do and demonstrate personal integrity and sound business ethics in all that we do every day.
We strive for excellence. We inspire creativity, champion change that leads to improvement, demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve, and empower others to realize their full potential.
We are family. We accept each team member for who he or she is and respect one another.
We have fun. We balance our work and personal lives while maintaining a positive attitude.

Community Involvement

We're not just good neighbors. We're your neighbors. Cash America is dedicated to the places where we live and work. Through a comprehensive giving program and community outreach initiatives, we reinforce our Core Values and the belief that providing people with personal financial solutions leads to stronger families, workplaces and communities.

Are you a cheerful, customer-service oriented person? This job will come naturally to you. When customers enter our shops they are greeted with a smile, and all coworkers use a six-part method of creating a great customer experience that we call — wait for it — "Smile!" Read more about it below…and start practicing your grin!


When customers enter our shops, they are greeted within 10 seconds or 10 feet from the door.

Have you been here before?

Managers on duty introduce themselves by name to new customers, and return customers are always told, "Welcome back!"

How much do you need?

When a loan customer says how much they need, we respond, "I'm happy to help get you there!"

Let me tell you how it works

When a customer pawns an item, we let them know how much it will cost to pick it up, as well as when their payment is due.

Can I make you a deal?

Our shops are filled with lots of unique items waiting to find new homes. We ask every customer, "What did you see that I can make you a deal on?"

Come back and see us!

We want every customer to feel appreciated and want to return to our shop. We tell them how much we appreciate their business, thank them for their time, and invite them back.